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Deep Rest Meditation

Are you having trouble sleeping sometimes? Imagine getting the absolute best sleep you can imagine, right away.

This guided meditation will likely help you to sleep soundly, or if it’s earlier in the daytime, to really calm down and enjoy a peaceful rest. Using special techniques derived from diverse lineages and cultivated through decades of practice, this deep rest meditation will bring gentle, warm medicine to soothe you into a comfortable serene place.

So what’s it like? Sessions may include: a bit of casual talking and connecting, shared silence, focusing the mind on the breath, mentally scanning the body part by part, guided awake dreaming imagining settings in nature, music therapy. We’ll decide together how it should go.

Available remotely.

“I have trouble falling asleep so I started seeing Bret for this issue, and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Every time we do the sleep meditation I am able to fall into a deep sleep for the night right after the session (sometimes during). It’s simply amazing that it works so well.

Bret’s voice is steady and slow enough to put me into a completely relaxed state. He then guides me through what he calls a “body scan”. It helps me relax every single muscle in my body.

At the end of the session there is a sound bath that I love. I have never slept better in my entire life. His treatment works so well!”

60 minute session – $160 per person

Voice and Frame Drum Lessons

Do you want to have fun learning to play the frame drum and or non-verbal vocal music?

Bret is a trained vocalist, certified master drummer (Baba Robert Crowder), has thirty+ years professional experience all around the world, and is a gentle caring teacher that will show up for you consistently.

If you really want to grow your unique voice and you’re looking for someone who truly loves doing this to help you along your way , then you’ve found what you’re looking for.

Available in person or remote.

60 minute session – $160 per person

Wellness Coaching

Do you just want someone to be there and support you on your journey, someone to talk with, someone to really listen?

Bret has been on the fruitarian path since 2008, administrates the Facebook group Fruitarianism And Fasting, carries certifications in yoga, meditation and music, and has been helping people along their journey for many years.

If this feels like something you’re drawn to you’re welcome to book a session now and we’ll get started.

Available in person or remote.

“I wanted to post this sooner, but every night I thought about what to write, and it is such a long beautiful story that I fell asleep.

The first winter of the pandemic was a fortuitous blessing for me. Although I have never had covid, I did have a stroke that was very serious, unable to walk or take care of myself. My daughter and Bret escaped the lock down in NYC and moved in with me. They said they would care for me with a 100% raw food diet and lots of rest, as they knew the benefits. There was no other choice so we began the year and a half of my healing to regain my ability to walk, climb stairs to my bedroom and bath, prepare my meals, and even drive again.  Bret supervised the meal prep, lots of fresh juices , oranges, grapes, cucumbers and other fruits. It was a real blessing to be initiated into intermittent fasting each morning and to be lulled to sleep at 6 p.m. by Bret with his Windsong Sound Bath, both vocal and gentle drumming. My days were short because sleep and rest were highly important for healing.

When the doctor drew lab work, my A1C. was 5.5.  He was in disbelief so repeated it, and it was again the lowest in 20 years as a type two diabetic. BRET AND MY DAUGHTER ARE TRULY A GODSEND in my life as I had no other choice for my recovery. I continue the intermittent fasting each morning and prioritize fruit as my most important food.”

60 minute session – $160 per person

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Thank you for sharing your presence and unique light. Looking forward to receiving you.


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