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Windsong Sound Bath

Is this modern life feeling like a bit too much?

Windsong Sound Bath is a way to soothe, heal, and feel refreshed.

Windsong Sound Bath is real therapy for deep relaxation and rejuvenation, with singing bowls and other gentle sound healing instruments.

Research has shown music and sound healing to improve physical health, mood and well being.

Reset and feel better. Book your session today!

What’s it like to attend Windsong Sound Bath? I mean you really have to experience it in person to know, but here’s some words to give an idea:

After you show up, get comfortable and maybe chat for a minute, we can get started…

You don’t have to do much of anything. Just be here. Just be present.

We might have silence for a moment, and then the sounds start to happen. The repeating patterns will be calming, carrying warm energy to you, gently bringing you into the present moment.  As the vibrations touch you you might start to feel something, a sense of connection, of relaxation. You’ll probably already feel different from before, calmer, better.

We continue. The more you relax and let go the more you’re transported. You might see colors, or images behind your eyelids, patterns unwinding, swirling, pixelating. You may feel some deep seated stagnant energies loosening, circulating, and maybe even leaving, allowing you to travel lighter and enjoy life more.

On and on it goes until, it stops, and here we are again…

Available in person or remote.

60 minute session – $160 first person, $60 each additional, inquire for groups larger than 10 people.

Bookings can also be made by calling or texting 267 792 1956, or emailing

Booking Policies

  • First time clients, a deposit of 50% of the initial session is due to confirm your desired appointment time. The balance is due anytime before the start of the session.
  • Returning clients payment is due in full anytime in advance of the scheduled session
  • Reschedule or cancellation requests must be made with 48 hours notice, minimum. After this time the session is billed in full.

Thank you for sharing your presence and unique light. We look forward to receiving you.


267 792 1956

Fulton and South Elliott Place, Brooklyn New York 11217